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As you will know, we are experiencing a housing crisis here in Hawke’s Bay, ranging from working people unable to afford to rent or buy houses, to people sleeping rough,  or with relatives, or  elderly pensioners unable to find affordable rental properties.  The tight, inflated housing market and shortage of rental and social housing has affected a wide range of people, particularly those who are most vulnerable.  The latest MSD figures on the Social Housing register show a significant increase in the number of people with highest needs waiting for social housing just in the last 3 months.


I am part of a local collective called CHAT (Community Housing Action Team) who have no political affiliations but are keen to raise awareness among the community and the political parties about the severe hardship many are suffering, while seeking positive solutions.  With an election coming up we are keen to raise this issue as a top priority for the incoming government, regardless of which parties that may be.


In order to do this, we are holding a rally on Sunday 6 August, with a range of speakers, including people working in the field as well as politicians and political candidates (one from each party - all of whom have been invited to speak), to discuss solutions to this pressing problem.


CHAT’s aims are:

1) To raise public awareness of the extent and effects of the Housing Crisis; 

2) To build wide support for positive solutions to fix the Housing Crisis and,

3) To enrol and engage voters in order to achieve political action.


We warmly invite you as our region's leaders to attend the rally and show your support for our efforts to meet our aims.  We are keeping the tone of our rally positive and proactive, seeking common ground among us all in order to help end the housing crisis.


We are aware and grateful that some of you are already involved in projects designed to help some of those experiencing homelessness or housing deprivation.  We want to invite all of you along as by working together in our various fields we can increase our effectiveness in raising awareness and in helping those most in need of affordable, secure housing.


I have attached the recommendations that came out of last year’s Cross-Party Inquiry on Homelessness, as we believe this presents a broad blueprint for all political parties to follow in dealing with this problem. 


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you and we hope to see you on the 6th August,


Michelle Pyke

Spokesperson for CHAT

Ph 021 246 9675